Personal Care

We provide assistance with any level of personal care including, and not limited to, assisted bathing, toileting calls, companionship, hairdressing, nail cutting, foot care and anything else necessary to make life more comfortable. We are completely supportive of the level of service desired and focus our support around the specific needs required. 

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Domestic Help

Whether it be just an hour a week or assistance on a daily basis, we can help with as much or as little as is necessary to enable a smooth running and comfortable home. Anything from gardening, hoovering & laundry to ironing, shopping and administrative support we can offer help with everything you need to make life easier. 

Live-in Care

Our highly trained live-in carers are available to provide a safe and compassionate level of support, respecting each individual's choices and promoting their dignity and independence at all times. Our carers pride themselves on building positive relationships with their customer as well as their family and other health care professionals in order to deliver a level of support unique to the individual needs on a day to day basis and as always enabling as high a level of independence as possible. 

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Respite Care

We believe it is incredibly important to care for those that are unable to care for themselves but also recognise the importance of caring for the carers. We provide an extensive respite care service to allow care givers in any situation to carry out other obligations, or just to take off a little pressure, in the knowledge that their loved ones are in safe hands.  

Dementia Care

Each person with Dementia is unique and, although some symptoms of dementia are common to everyone, it affects each person in an individual way. We offer a sensitive Dementia care service ensuring independence, and enabling the individual to live in their own home for as long as possible. Our dementia care includes support with personal care, health and nutrition and everyday tasks to assisting those who experience confusion, memory loss or have difficulties with speech and understanding.

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Mental Health Care

Our Mental Health Support Service delivers both practical and emotional support to both young and elderly people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties. We offer support in all areas including therapy/rehabilitation and domestic & personal care whilst promoting and maintaining high levels of independence.

End of life Care

''Palliative Care is about putting life into a patient’s day and not days into their lives” – Nairobi Hospice

We offer a compassionate, open & honest Palliative Care service at 1.2.1. Care providing a level of care tailored to the given circumstance and ensuring comfort and respect to the individual on many levels.  

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Other Care Services

Whether yourself or a family member suffers from anything mentioned above, or may need assistance in any other circumstance, we have a highly trained team of care givers able to improve the lives of those that need any level of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential chat about the comprehensive range of services we have available.  

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